Herzlich Willkommen auf meiner Webseite! My name is Alexander Schmidt and I am a Web Developer from Germany, currently living in sunny Cyprus.

With this blog I want to provide an insight into what I am currently working on, which recent topics are catching my interest and hopefully give useful advice. Most topics revolve around the framework I do most of my work with: Shopware.

A bit of information about me: after University I was hired to work on an online shop, which happened to be based on Shopware 4, and I have been working with Shopware ever since, though my focus changed over the years.

I started out with HTML, CSS and jQuery and over time extended my knowledge with PHP, SQL, JavaScript and deployment techniques, ever extending the scope of my projects, but also dabbling in C#, Unity or Python. Overall I consider myself a full stack Web Developer. But what I love most is coding, with JavaScript and PHP as my favorite languages to work with. Guiding me through my learning process during those last years, Shopware itself made huge transformations, like the transitions from ExtJs to Vue or from Enlight to Symfony. There was always something new, and conveniently cutting edge, to learn.

If you are interested in my work, go ahead and visit my Github page or take a look at my plugins which are published in the Shopware Store.

I'm always interested in exciting new projects to work on, so feel free to email me or connect via social media.