Are you looking for
fast and reliable support for your Shopware projects?

Then I can help!


Plugin development

My Shopware plugins run in more than 6000 shops. If a shop needs more functionality, it can I develop it.

Project Analysis

When a project is growing rapidly, sometimes a new strategy is needed to accommodate the growth to act. I can help you to steer a shop in the right direction.

Shopware 5 to 6

With in-depth knowledge of Shopware 5 and 6 and even a bit of 4, I can do yours code base update.


Constantly growing teams and ambitious customers require the appropriate know-how. Automation is key.

App System

Shopware's app system is full of potential, decentralized platforms are the future.


Through my experience with other platforms and the Shopware API, I can contact between everything create what HTTP understands.


Thanks to my many years of experience with Shopware, I can provide quick and well-founded help for any question. I have worked with both individual shops and agencies, gaining a deep insight into the operation of shops, from the warehouse to accounting, as well as everyday agency life, from weekly to pull requests. I was able to gain experience with all technologies that Shopware uses, my passion is to familiarize myself with complex issues and to create solutions.